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  I have been labelled aggressive before. This week is not the first time, nor will it be the last. That’s ok. I can tough it out. The truth is though, I am genuinely not an aggressive person. I am … Continue reading

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Looking for an Anchor

A post that I made direct to the FB page a couple months ago…it’s finally a real blog post today 😉 I went home today, or I tried to. I’ve been sad and searching for an anchor. Something to bring … Continue reading

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I am Zen. Almost.

It’s been a while. Despite the fact that I made the promise to myself to write each week, it’s been many weeks. Well, no excuses. I’ll just get on with it shall I? What is that has given me incentive … Continue reading

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Darwin Could Never Have Known…

During the week I attended a Parents Information Meeting at our school. There will be iPads issued to the upper school in the following weeks, and this session was a chance for parents to see how the technology is to … Continue reading

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Halloween. Are We In Or Are We Out?

When I was a kid Halloween was on the same list as Thanksgiving and Valentines Day; something that America celebrated and nothing more. Oh, we might have been lucky enough to watch a 7:30 Scooby Doo Halloween Special, but really … Continue reading

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It’s Party Time

I am preparing for Captain Clumsy’s Birthday Party today. A sleepover to which five 8 year old boys are invited.    Kid’s birthday parties are really not all that bad. There’s a bit of preparation and organisation. There are a … Continue reading

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I Hate You Mum!

*Sigh* I’m certainly not the first or the last Mother whose heart has been broken by a child who demands “I want a new Mummy!” or who declares indignantly “I hate you Mum!”   In my 33 years I have never … Continue reading

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