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Self Hatred and Blinding Love

I wake up just after 1am to the sound of you snoring gently, sleeping peacefully beside me.  As I watch you, your chest rising and falling, your stubbled cheek, the crook of your neck – my favourite place to be … Continue reading

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All You Need Is Love

Last week I answered a knock at the door to find two very well dressed young men beaming at me. No, really. They were glowing with joy. They were far too happy for a miserably cold, would-swear-it-was-winter-again, spring day. They … Continue reading

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Motherhood and Management

Since I was last regularly updating my blog, I began working full-time again. Or semi full-time, anyway. I am fortunate enough to have a husband with a business for whom I can work, and dictate my hours. I drop the … Continue reading

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A Spade Is a Spade, Obviously.

My husband tells me I’m as subtle as a sledgehammer. He might be right. I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth and not even knowing it. I’m sure we all have a clueless Aunt that walks around … Continue reading

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The Perfect Princess Syndrome

Ladies, let me tell you a secret. Submitting to your husbands does not mean being a doormat or lapdog. It does not mean being ‘obedient’. It does not mean you are his door greeting-scotch pouring-apron wearing- sandwich making-sex toy. (unless of … Continue reading

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Fifty Thousand Shades of Grey

I’ve always thought that the idea of attachment parenting was particularly… um, weird. If I’m honest, the idea, or the way the idea is portrayed in the media, has always kind of creeped me out. Breast feeding until you child … Continue reading

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Free Fruit Friday

I read an article in the Herald Sun today (yesterday’s issue) about the decision to axe funding for the Free Fruit Friday programme in our states Public Primary Schools. I don’t usually blog on Saturday, but this has gotten me … Continue reading

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