I’ll Be Right Back…

Well, what can I say? I went AWOL for a while. A long while. 
Six months to be exact.
I don’t really have a reason. Nothing exciting happened. I wish I could say I’ve been touring Europe, or learning the art of macramé whilst living in Japan. Or even that I’ve taken up cooking classes, or learned to speak fluent French. But alas, I have done none of those things.
Why didn’t I find time to write? I don’t know. I had time; I had the same 24 hours a day that we are all blessed with. What I did not have was the inclination.
In my defence, you were warned. I did tell you of my preference for the ‘all or nothing’ approach to life. Cut back to my very first blog post

I am not going to make any silly predictions along the line of “I’ll be posting once a week” because I honestly don’t know. Knowing me I will write 75 posts in the next 3 days, in a flourish of excitement, and then maybe not again for a year. That’s how I roll. If I have any sense I’ll figure out how to pace myself.

I suppose that means two things.
1. I know myself quite well, and
2. I have no sense, and therefore did not figure out how to pace myself.

Oh well.

So what is it that brings me here again, that pulls me back to the interwebs for a therapeutic word spew?
Well, I miss it. I miss my voice; I miss the catharsis that happens when I let all the words fall out. Writing really is therapy for me.
So, here I am making a promise to myself. I stand here in public domain to make myself accountable. I will make myself the promise that I was not prepared to make last year.
I hereby decree that I will make an LLL post at least once per week.

I’d better dust the cobwebs off that ‘drafts’ folder… and maybe i’ll poke the children or annoy the husband until they give some good fodder.

BRB. Promise.

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2 Responses to I’ll Be Right Back…

  1. cringle1 says:

    Yey, I have missed your posts, welcome back.

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