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No Threat Shall Be Empty

We were supposed to go to the Royal Melbourne Show today. We have never been to the Show as a complete family. The last time we went was when Deflector was 3, Actor was 18 months, I waddled around at … Continue reading

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The Magic Number and Terrorist Negotiations

Children have access to a secret magic number, and we, the parents, have unwittingly given it to them. If your child asks for a choc chip cookie an hour before dinner what do you say? Does it go something like this? … Continue reading

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Things and Stuff

I am not a hoarder. Not by any stretch of the imagination. I routinely donate or give away or toss out anything that is no longer used in this house. And when Spring is in the air I am utterly … Continue reading

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Busy Busy Busy

No blog post for over a week! Well what can I say? Spring is in the air and the scent of wattle mixed with the clean sea breeze always makes me want to climb out of the cave of winter … Continue reading

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17 Years and Counting

Today marks our 17th year together. My husband and I have been together for over half of our lives. That seems totally crazy to me. In one way it feels like yesterday that we danced at our Deb Ball, babies … Continue reading

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A Spade Is a Spade, Obviously.

My husband tells me I’m as subtle as a sledgehammer. He might be right. I have a habit of putting my foot in my mouth and not even knowing it. I’m sure we all have a clueless Aunt that walks around … Continue reading

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One Day. Two Life Lessons

Yesterday I spent the afternoon in Captain Clumsy’s classroom, helping with bookweek activities. A lovely afternoon it was too, we made a duck and a caterpillar. We read books and ate fruit. And I’m thinking “How nice is this! The … Continue reading

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