Time Warp

“Back on its golden hinges the gate of memory swings and my heart goes into the garden and walks with the olden things.”  
– Ella Wheeler Wilcox

We could never have known, my husband and I, as we sat side by side in Mr.Marshs’ science class, that 18 years later we would be back here with our own son. I hardly knew him then, hadn’t particularly paid any attention to him, and had my eye on someone else anyway.

I hold Deflectors hand as we enter the school ground, and there it is, that smell. Gum and tanbark and innocence. The Gums we planted as saplings are towering trees now, the brandnew buildings are tired. It looks a little different, more angles and fencing and boundaries. It is somehow, softer, in my memory.
I can see the ghosts of childhood everywhere, my friends from a lifetime ago. I almost feel as if I could walk right up to those memories and touch them. I want to go there with my adult self to tell the ghosts what they meant to me. How special they were. How I never forgot.  
Of course, Deflector doesn’t see any of this, he’s tugging the hand of a crazy lady who’s lost in a time warp, feet not wanting to move.
“Mum, what are you doing?”

I look at my baby, who is not such a baby, and I swear it was yesterday that I was in his shoes, 11 years old and in this very office for my own highschool interview.
How does the time move so fast?

So close together.

It brings home the message that life really IS too short. Yeah I know we say that all the time.
Flip it off like so many words.
It takes something like this, this timewarp, to really realise that our time here is a speck.
I felt it today.
And I spend the rest of the day looking at my boy, really soaking him in because I know that soon he won’t let me hold his hand in the school yard.  

In a blink, the sapling I planted will be a towering tree.

In a blink, it will be my grandchild standing here in these shoes. With my adult son looking at the ghosts of his childhood, wondering where the hell the time has gone.

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3 Responses to Time Warp

  1. Irene Hansford says:

    It was only last week that I commented to a customer that we wish our lives away, from weekend to weekend, complaining that the weekends are far too short and then it is monday again. My question is this, if we are wishing our lives away in 5 day blocks, are we REALLY making good use of the two days we want to live in? Is it THAT important to mow the lawns/ bake/wash/iron/garden or is it more important to catch up with friends/family/neighbours? Go to church, invest quality time with children 1on1? Lawns et el can be done after work on a weeknight, pay someone to do the tasks we can’t do but if we really want to delete 5 days every week from our lives then we really must reflect on how we live the two days left.

    • Good point Irene, I would go even further and say if we really want to delete 5 days every week from our lives, then we are not living our truth. We are not being true to ourselves and following our heart. Sure. we all need to work and the bills need to be paid, but we should still be trying to figure out what that truth is, and aim for it. I envy people who have found their true purpose, and are living it daily, how nice it would be to follow your bliss each and every day. To work in your true calling. The thing is, no one can do it for us, we need to figure out what it is and work hard to get it ourselves.

  2. Past.Present.Future
    So close together.

    Love that!

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