A Taste of My Own Medicine

After yesterdays very brave “Let Them Fly” post, I’m presented with an opportunity to take my own medicine.

Deflector is a Scout. A very very new Scout. His shirt is still crisp and new, and the badge real-estate is all very vacant.

In other words, he’s really learnt nothing yet. Oh he can tie a slip knot, and look appropriately pensive at the ANZAC day march. But when it comes to actual skills…there are none.

And he comes home from his weekly Scout Meeting with the wonderful suggestion that he go on a 3 day 31km hike.


We have been camping many times before. Not your ‘amenities available-electrical appliance friendly-caravan park’ kind of camping. No. We go ‘middle of nowhere – dig a hole-hope like hell we have enough gas’ camping.

Yes. With four kids. It’s actually really fun. Nope, we’re not mad, but plenty of people think we are.

So the idea of Deflector out in the wilderness is not much of a stretch. I can manage that.

What I cannot seem to digest is that, there are 6 kids going, the eldest is 15 and there will be no adult supervision. That can’t be right!? The Scout Association of Australia lets kids wander off into the wilderness by themselves?

Apparently so.

I might be overreacting a little. There will be a leader show up to the campsite at night, I guess to make sure everyone survived the day.  

I have serious doubts that my Deflector will survive one day; not to mention three.

For one thing he has to carry 3 days worth of food, clothing and camp gear on his back. For 31km.  Hubby says “It’s ok he’s only allowed to carry 11kg, the rule is 1kg per year of age” This from the child who whines about carrying 3kg of potatoes from the car to the kitchen.

 I’m not at all concerned about him pitching his own tent, or cooking his own food. I know he’s capable of both those tasks. I’m not so confident that he will be able to keep up with the teens. I don’t think he even has a concept of how far 31km is.

I could make myself crazy with all the “What if’s?”

snakes. no phone reception. Ivan Milat.

And let’s not forget, I know what 15 year olds get up to at Scout Camps. Feels like yesterday that my darling husband was in there with the best of ‘em.

But, I’m not going to do that. I’ve decided not to parent out of fear.

But I’d be lying if I said I’m not slightly terrified.

So the question is…

Do I push him out of the nest and keep my fingers crossed that he lands on his feet?

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6 Responses to A Taste of My Own Medicine

  1. Pat says:

    Now you will reap the rewards of your good parenting. Yes bad things happen but we can’t give in to what might happen. I would perhaps check out the older boys to put your mind at ease. I would also ensure that your son is VERY comfortable with the event.

  2. Jennie says:

    I’m with Pat on this one, check out the older kids, have they done it before, you wouldn’t want him going with a bunch of green horns. Suggest he does some practice runs walking for a couple of k’s with a heavy pack, talk to him about possible things he might encounter and ask him what he would do. Does he understand the emergency procedures that will be put in place? 31ks over 3 days is not that far each day. Lastly he must promise not to climb trees, unless in an emergency trying to get phone reception.

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  4. Alzira says:

    this has to be the best, just keep updating here, will be back for more!

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