Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog lifelovelunacy

“You should do a blog”, is something I have heard a number of times now. Mostly because people get sick of my epic Facebook status updates 🙂  So here I am. I am absolutely terrified, because honestly I’m not sure that my life is that interesting. And I’m even less sure of my ability to write about my life in an interesting way. But hey – if you don’t like it  you don’t have to read it. 

I am not going to make any silly predictions along the line of “I’ll be posting once a week” because I honestly don’t know. Knowing me I will write 75 posts in the next 3 days, in a flourish of excitement, and then maybe not again for a year. That’s how I roll. If I have any sense I’ll figure out how to pace myself.

For more info, read the About Me page, and my first real post will not be far away.



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