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A Taste of My Own Medicine

After yesterdays very brave “Let Them Fly” post, I’m presented with an opportunity to take my own medicine. Deflector is a Scout. A very very new Scout. His shirt is still crisp and new, and the badge real-estate is all … Continue reading

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Let Them Fly

Let me clue you in on a typical Monday morning in our house. Deflector is looking for a clean school shirt. He cannot find one. I am not at all surprised; he didn’t put any in the laundry to be … Continue reading

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Mothers Calibration

When my kids were very little, our shopping trolley looked something like this   People used to stare, I mean really, just gawk at us. And then the questions and comments would start. “Are they all yours?”  Yes “All the same … Continue reading

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It’s Called Progress

I’m finding myslef just a little bit over the “my generation played outside, rode bikes without helmets, survived without mobile phones/computers’ played in the dirt, got the strap at school and drank water from the hose” judgement that’s circles around on … Continue reading

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Hello world!

Welcome to my new blog lifelovelunacy “You should do a blog”, is something I have heard a number of times now. Mostly because people get sick of my epic Facebook status updates 🙂  So here I am. I am absolutely … Continue reading

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